The Online Printing Principle (soft cover), english

The Online Printing Principle (soft cover), english

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THE ONLINE PRINTING PRINCIPLE as book (soft cover), 2nd edition, english (2015)

The book (digital printing, adhesive bound soft cover) – with 74 pages and many coloured screenshots – I will send you after receipt of payment (PayPal, sofortüberweisung, Credit Card via PayPal, paying in advance) immediately via DHL.

The book describes the development of a German online print shop, which has in a few months generated a monthly sale of nearly €130,000. In addition to the traditional printing business. Read from first hand what to consider when planning an online print portal and how to attract new customers for your printing. Read how you can use the ONLINE PRINTING PRINCIPLE for your website and your online print shop sustainably.

Comments of entrepreneurs from the german printing industry on the book: Expert comments


Once you have read the book,...

  • you know where and how new customers (print buyers) are looking for you and your print shop
  • you can quickly and effectively build your own (also regional) online print portal
  • you know how you can achieve up to 50% more sales with your current products
  • you can reach more new customers by targeting through the website of your print shop
  • you know how to optimize your online print shop or your website for Google
  • you find out how big online printers use Google to target and intercept YOUR regional customers
  • you can analyse your competitors effectively online and overtake them


Find out in this book how precious and indispensable search engine optimization (SEO) for printing companies now really is and how you can make your website significantly better simply by the SEO position in Google & Co. Let your website appear where thousands of print buyers are locally looking for you as a classic print company. Learn how you can quickly get to many page rank-strong “follow” backlinks on your “print shop” without jeopardizing the organic link building of your project. Read how online print shops are currently (even now at this minute) “intercepting” YOUR local customers via Google and find out what you can do about it. Seize a part of the powerful online printing volume (currently around €5.1 billion in the German-speaking countries alone) for your printing business! Attracting new print customers via the Internet is not rocket science! It does not matter if you are an offset, digital, large format or screen-printing - or if your company has 2, 20 or 200 employees. Act now!

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