In his insider book (2nd edition, 2015), the author Thomas Wieneritsch describes the construction and the rapid development of a real online print shop belonging to a German print company. The shop, at the realization of which the author has been significantly involved as Head of Online Printing, after a few months generated annual sales of around €1.5 million. In addition to the traditional printing business. Learn firsthand why gang run printing (mixed forms) and low-cost flyers are not the true secrets of the success of many large online printing companies. The author provides a deep insight behind the scenes of the online printing industry and reveals why the time factor is a gold mine in the online business. Read today and see how to implement a smarter search engine optimization to bring your print shop’s website to the top of the search engine results pages at Google and set the online print shop principle for your company. Even without an online shop!

THE ONLINE PRINTING PRINCIPLE is a book, which has already paid off sustainably for many entrepreneurs.

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More than 100,000 print buyers daily

Every day Google receives thousands of search queries¹ for printed products and regional printing companies in Germany alone. Learn how to find these requests, evaluate and take advantage of them. Find out how you can “intercept” the customers (B2C or B2B) through the search engine Google and lead them exactly to your website or to your online shop!

¹Source: Google Keyword Planner


Around €5 billion turnover

In the German-speaking area alone, the amount of the annual sales in online printing exceeds €5 billion². Rising. In this insider book you will learn from its author firsthand how to cut a part of the big online-print cake even if you are a regionally oriented print shop and without neglecting your classic print business.

²Source: zipcon consulting GmbH


The ingenious software

In his book, the author speaks openly about the software modules used by him. Learn how to build your own online print shop in a short time and generate additional daily print jobs online by using his accessible shop solution. Also learn how to analyse each competitor including the major online print providers in minute detail and how to benefit from this information immediately.




The author: Thomas Wieneritsch

Thomas Wieneritsch

The author of the insider book, Thomas Wieneritsch (48), has been active in the printing industry for almost 30 years – many years in the field of management and process optimization medium-sized printing companies. Following his apprenticeship as a lithographer and further qualification as an industrial foreman – printing (focused on digital media production), and then studied technical business administration in Cologne, Germany. Since 2003, Thomas Wieneritsch has been dealing with the topic of online sales for printing. As a speaker on "Online Printing – Answers For Local Printing" at the Online Print Symposium, he also had the privilege of working for FOGRA and bvdm.

From 2008 to 2010, he was active as a purchasing agent for a large German entertainment company (€15 million annual turnover) and had purchased €250,000 of print products there. His experience as an industrial print purchaser from this period was among the reasons for writing this insider book.

The author is currently working full-time as the Head of Online Printing at a Cologne-based printing company. Following exactly the same principle as described in this book, he set up a new, strongly regionally focused online print portal, which started in August 2014. Without any gang printing prices or low-cost flyers. Here again, to achieve the first top rankings in Google was just matter of few weeks. With his printing portal generating new contracts on a daily basis, the author proves that even a regionally oriented print shop can assert itself against the major online printing companies and can easily be integrated into the structure of classic regional printing.







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